11 June 2015

Feeling so Inspired!

(Mix and Boom by: Me)

So (I'm realizing that I start a lot of my sentences this way nowadays) lol, I have a wonderful experience to write about and will be doing so in several posts. But I've made myself a promise to at least get this down while I'm feeling this way so here it is!

I am currently enrolled in Jessica Swift's "Pattern Camp" and I am in LOVE with everything pattern related right now. I've always wanted to create my own patterns to use on fabric and paper. Over 10 years ago I had this wish, but never invested the time to find out truly how to do it. Enter the Oh Yeah moment when I just so happen to come across Jessica's Instagram profile. I was admiring her photo of her showing her cute pregnancy belly and her beautiful painting in the background, scrolled her feed and saw the words " Pattern Camp"! It was due to start the next day and I was so thankful for the time difference at that point and made sure to sign up. I saw it as a sign because I was just mentioning to my Husband the previous day that I wanted to make some patterned fabric so that I could create some clothing and accessories for our little girl.

To this very minute, I am a believer that I am where I am supposed to be and it's my time to pursue my passion. I hope you'll come along on this new journey with me : )

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